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Mukilteo Free Rapid Quads!

Page history last edited by Travis Olson 5 years ago

NOTE: Slight changes to notation rules, the time control and schedule were made Tuesday Sept. 22. 




Players are sorted by rating (descending order, unrated players on the bottom [last]). Then, moving down the list, every 4 consecutive players are grouped together. Each group of 4 players is called a Quad, where each Quad is a 3-round round-robin tournament. In case of an odd number of players for a given round, the Tournament Director (TD) will play. If the turnout is a multiple of 2 but not 4, 6 players (usually the bottom 6 by rating) will play in rotating triangle blocks (this is an attempt to improve the traditional mini-swiss).


The time control will be 40/20, SD/10, +5 (was 40/25, SD/10 +5). (Each player has 20 minutes to complete 40 moves, then 10 additional minutes are added at move 41. You get 5 additional seconds per move.) Increment is from move 1 (used to be only after move 40).


Notation Rules:


1 Notation is required to claim a win on time in the first 20 minutes (the first time control [TC]).

2 Notation is also required until you have less than 5 minutes left on your clock.

3 If you are a new player who doesn't know how to notate, you are excused from rule 2.


(Before the change, only rule 1 was in effect, and otherwise notation was optional.)


DATES (3 upcoming):


Sundays October 4th & 11th, and November 1st 2015




Mukilteo Library


4675 Harbour Pointe Blvd, Mukilteo, WA 98275




1:00pm - 5:00pm




Please email MukilteoChess@gmail.com at least 1 hour prior to the start time to register. No Entry Fee! Let us know whether you intend to bring a chess clock with you, or if you intend to skip a round (that is, if you would like to take a bye). Otherwise, you may not get a game for round 1. You will get a reply email for confirmation.


If this is your first time playing at the MCC, please also include in the email:


1 USCF ID Number
2 Cell Phone Number + Can you send/receive text messages?
3 Would you like to be included into the MCC directory?





If you have a USCF membership or have had one in the past, please make sure it is current (not expired). Games will be USCF Regular and Quick rated.


Purchase a USCF membership Online! 


If you are brand-new to USCF play and have no foreign ratings, please email MukilteoChess@gmail.com. You may still play for free (terms apply).


A WCF (or NW Chess) membership is NOT required.




Games Start: 1:25pm 


Other rounds depend on when your game and the other game in your quad finishes. You will be notified via call or text message when it is time for your game to start. You are guaranteed at least a 10 minute break (was 15 minutes) between when your game finishes and when your next game will start! You may leave as soon as your last game finishes.




See MCC Grand Prix



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